General News

Philip awarded SRC Grant

Philip has received an international postdoctoral grant from the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskaprsådet) for three years. He will join Jay Van Bavel’s Social Perception and Evaluation Lab at New York University for 2 years and spend his returning year with Emotion Lab.

Philip awarded dissertation prize

Vetenskapssocieteten i Lund (Learned Society of Lund) has awarded Philip with a prize from AWK Gleerups fund for his 2015 dissertation “Observing and manipulating preferences in real time”.

Fully funded PhD position

Fully funded PhD position with Prof. Emily Holmes and Dr. Andreas Olsson
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Victoria Spring new visiting PhD student

Victoria Spring, a psychology Ph.D. student at the Pennsylvania State University is visiting the Emotion Lab for a year.

Tanaz successfully defended her Ph.D

Tanaz successfully defended her Ph.D on Friday October 21st (2016 with Dr. Grit Hein (University of Bern) as her opponent.
Examination board: Prof. Håkan Fischer (Stockholm University), Dr. Fredrik Åhs (Uppsala University) and Dr. Lisa Thorell (Karolinska Institutet)

Click here to see pictures of her Defense.

Symposium at the Royal Academy of Science

To fear or not to fear? Mechanisms of fear and safety learning.
Guest speakers: Armita Golkar, Emily Holmes (Karolinska Institute), Merel Kindt (U. of Amsterdam), and Grit Hein (U. of Bern)


New paper accepted in PlosOne

Lindström, B., Selbing, I., & Olsson, A.