General News

New paper accepted in JEP: General

Lindström, B., Jangard, S., Selbing, I. & Olsson, A. (in press).The role of a "common is moral" heuristic in the stability and change of moral norms. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General (PDF)

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New paper in Scientific Reports

Golkar, A. & Olsson, A. (2017). The interplay of social group biases in social threat learning. Scientific Reports. (PDF)

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New paper in Trends in Cognitive Sciences

Debiec, J. & Olsson, A. (2017) Social fear learning: From animal models to human function. Trends in Cognitive Sciences. doi: 10.1016/j.tics.2017.04.010

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New paper in Nature Communications

Haaker, J., Yi, J., Petrovic, P., & Olsson, A. (in press). Endogenous opioids regulate social threat learning in humans. Nature Communications.
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Tove Hensler new Lab Manager

Starting April 2017 Tove Hensler is the new Lab Manager of the Emotion Lab!

Philip wins SANS Poster Award

Philip is part of the 20 most highly rated abstracts that will be presented as posters at this year Social and Affective Neuroscience Society (SANS) conference at UCLA.

New paper accepted in Nature Protocols

Haaker, J., Golkar, A., Selbing, I., & Olsson, A. (accepted) Neural signals of vicarious extinction learning. Nature Protocols.
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Philip awarded SRC Grant

Philip has received an international postdoctoral grant from the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskaprsådet) for three years. He will join Jay Van Bavel’s Social Perception and Evaluation Lab at New York University for 2 years and spend his returning year with Emotion Lab.

Philip awarded dissertation prize

Vetenskapssocieteten i Lund (Learned Society of Lund) has awarded Philip with a prize from AWK Gleerups fund for his 2015 dissertation “Observing and manipulating preferences in real time”.