Lab Photos

Tanaz Molapour Defense (Oct. 2016)

Tanaz Molapour Defense
Tanaz defense presentation with Dr. Grit Hein (University of Bern) as her opponent

Tanaz Molapour Defense

Drinks at the Department with Tanaz's friends, family and colleagues
Left picture: Grit Hein, Andreas Olsson, Tanaz Molapour, Top right: successful defense announced, and lower right: Tanaz and Mats Olsson

KVA Symposium on Fear and Safety Learning in honor of Armita

Armita received the Young Investigator Award from the Swedish National Committee for Psychological Sciences 2015
KVA Symposium
KVA Symposium
Armita receiving the award from Louise Rönnqvist and Agneta Herlitz from the Swedish National Committee for Psychological Sciences.
KVA Symposium

Symposium held by Kungliga Vetenskapsakademin: To fear or not to fear? Mechanisms of fear and safety learning.
From left to right: Andreas Olsson, Merel Kindt (U. of Amsterdam), Emily Holmes (Karolinska Institute), Grit Hein (U. of Bern) and Armita Golkar.

Tanaz Thesis nailing (October 2016)

Tanaz Thesis nailing 2016

Only a few weeks left before Tanaz's Defense!

Lab picture at Tanaz Thesis nailing (October 2016)

Tanaz Thesis nailing 2016

From left to right: Armita Golkar, Andreas Olsson, Irem Ündeger, Philip Pärnamets, Fiammetta Dedé Brugo, Tanaz Molapour, Ida Selbing, Jonathan Yi and Lisa Espinosa

The Social and Affective Neuroscience Society Conference, New York (2016)

Björn Lindström, Armita Golkar, Tanaz Molapour, Andreas Olsson, Jan Haaker and Philip Pärnamets in New York for the Annual SANS conference (April 2016)

Irem and Jan at the Eighth European Meeting on Humain Fear Conditioning

Irem receives Best Poster award at the EMHFC, April 2016

Irem receives the first price in the Poster competition at the EMHFC in Utrecht (April 2016)

Group pictures (April 2016)

Group picture, April 2016

Fika (April 2016)

Fika, April 2016

Thursday fika with members of other labs at the Psychology Section.

Lab Afterwork (April 2016)

Lab Afterwork, April 2016

The Emotion Lab celebrating the Fête de l'Escalade (December 12th 2015)

Fête de l'Escalade

At the Emotion Lab we celebrate all kinds of festivities. Here celebrating the annual Fête de l'Escalade, a swiss festivity from Geneva.
On the pictures: Lisa and Tanaz smashing the traditional chocolate marmite.

World Viz VR demo (November 2015)

World Viz VR demo

Lisa and Armita trying on World Viz's virtual reality system.

Lab dinner (October 2015)

Lab dinner, October 2015

Lab picnic with our corridor neighbors (June 2015)

Lab picnic, June 2015

Emotion Lab and parts of Johan Lundströms's and Mats Olsson's research groups.

Group picture, Emotion Lab, June 2015

From left to right: Andreas Olsson, Irem Ündeger, Tanaz Molapour, Simon Jangard, Lisa Espinosa,
Jan Haaker, Ida Selbing, Armita Golkar and Diana Díaz del Castillo Zambrano.
Absent: Björn Lindström, Jonathan Yi and Philip Pärnamets

Group picture, Emotion Lab, May 2015

Emotion Lab, May 2015

From left to right: Marco Suijkerbuijk, Jonathan Yi, Andreas Olsson, Ida Selbing, Armita Golkar, Tanaz Molapour,
Lisa Espinosa, Irem Ündeger and Simon Nielsen.
Absent: Jan Haaker och Björn Lindström

Tanaz presentation at the SBI seminar (2015-04-13)

Tanaz SBI presentation

Tanaz SBI presentation

Lab Dinner


Oculus Rift testing

Occulus Rift

Elin and Fredrik Åhs testing Occulus Rift

Tanaz half-time (2014-11-06)


Björn's dissertation day (2014-08-29)


Björn and his opponent Professor Philippe Tobler (University of Zurich)





Björn's Thesis Nailing (2014-08-13)

Lab dinner August 2014

Sixth European Meeting on Human Fear Conditioning

Lab members Björn Lindström and Jan Haaker at the Sixth European Meeting on Human Fear Conditioning, May 2014, Affligem, Belgien, Brussels

Lab photo, 2013

Members of Emotion Lab, outside Aula Medica.

Lab picnic, June 2015

From left to right: Andreas Olsson, Jan Haaker, Tanaz Molapour, Armita Golkar,
Kristian Ekeroth, Ida Selbing, Björn Lindström and Olof Hjort.

Poster Presentation (2013-08-29)

Research Assistant Paulina Wiktor presents the results of her summer research project
"Social learning of avoidance: The effect of social information on avoidance traditions across generations".

Armita's Dissertation Day (2013-02-08)

Celebrations in the lunch room

Accolades from the very junior faculty

Armita's Thesis Nailing (2013-01-18)

Handing in

The action and the result

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